Petrus Adolf (right) from Nirvana Farms is the winner of th 2018 Agricultural Worker of the Year in the Hex River Valley. Here he is with his proud employer, Nirvana Farm owner Anton Viljoen (left).

Petrus Adolf is a section manager at Nirvana Farm, one of the ASV Farms farming units in the Hex River Valley. Two years ago he was involved in a severe car accident in which he broke his legs in 4 places and also broke his arm. Despite serious health challenges and requiring crutches to walk, Petrus is slowly on the mend and has still managed to perform his tasks on the farm extremely well. When it was announced that he was the winner of the competition at the event’s prizegiving function last week, Petrus insisted on climbing onto the stage with his crutches to receive his prize, even though the prizegivers had climbed down to make this easier for him! Asked about his win and clear strength of character, this very determined 47-year-old said that he wanted to show management and his fellow workers that he is committed and capable. He added that he wants to show the youth that they can aspire to become proud farmworkers as the role of farmworkers in agriculture is of vital importance. “Petrus is truly committed and extremely responsible and capable despite his physical challenges,” says Anton Viljoen, owner of Nirvana Farm. “He certainly deserves to win this award and we are very proud of him.”