beste-potensiaal-wenner-dina-galant-villion-farms wenner-trekker-drywer-kategorie-gerhard-booysen-villion-farms

Photos: ASV Farms Farmworker of the Year winners Dina Galant (left) and Gerhard Booysen (right)

Employees on the ASV Viljoen production farms have again achieved well in this year’s Farmworker of the Year competitions. For the many hard working and dedicated people that work on farms in the grape production areas, this competition is the highlight of the year and it is an opportunity for recognition of commitment to excellence and personal empowerment for winners and entrants in the competition’s various categories.

In the Hex River, Dina Galant of Villion Farms (Uitkyk) was the winner in the Best Potential Category and Gerhard Booysen (Prosper Fair) was the winner of the Tractor Driver category.